Pro-Bono Divorce Attorney

This attorney is one that will represent people with low-income when they are seeking a divorce and does not charge them for their services. In Latin pro-bono means “for the good” and in the legal world it means that divorce attorney will provide all legal services required for the divorce at no cost to their client. Their clients may be referred to them from domestic violence shelters or be a walk-in client. They will handle all areas of the divorce case such as:

• Interviewing their client to gather all of the necessary information to prepare the divorce petition

• Preparing the paperwork for the dissolution of the marriage

• Making sure that the child custody is determined correctly

• Making sure that the property is divided fairly and correctly

• Making sure that the child support is calculated properly

• Performing any other services that pertain to the divorce proceeding

If the reason that their client is seeking a divorce is because of domestic violence the divorce attorney will file an emergency protection order and help their client find emergency shelter. If their client has any bruises from the domestic violence the divorce attorney will usually take pictures of these bruises to use as evidence in the divorce case. They will usually request any hospital records from where the client was treated for various injuries such as broken bones, concussions, etc.

If the pro-bono divorce attorney finds out that the spouse is not being truthful about their assets they will conduct discovery to find these hidden assets. In a divorce preceding a discovery is through which the spouse is required to make known information by providing copies of financial documents or any other documents and answering questions that are asked for by the pro-bono divorce attorney in regards to the hidden assets. This is done so child support is calculated properly and the client receives an unbiased and fair division of property.

While the divorce is awaiting finalization, if there are children the divorce attorney will file a motion to establish an interim order in regards to the custody of the children and support for them. This type of order is temporary. It is one that the court has entered while the attorneys get the divorce case ready to be presented in court. The divorce attorneys will have a chance to do discovery and may even arrive at a settlement of all the issues that relate to the divorce. If there are particular issues that the attorneys cannot settle they then will present them to the divorce court. The divorce attorney will introduce evidence before the judge and then make arguments in able to obtain a ruling that is favorable to their client.